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Not happy with the sound of your violin? Just had an accident with your 'Cello?  Need a bow re-hair?

Just call me and I can advise you on what can be done. There are no hidden costs – after I have seen the instrument you will receive a written cost estimateMore


Maybe you want your child to learn a stringed instrument but you are unsure about actually buying one? A common dilemma for parents. For this reason I offer good quality hand finished rental instruments in all sizes for all ages. You can rent as long as you want, but if you buy the instrument in the first 6 months I will deduct the rental payments from the sale price. More


I can offer new and restored instruments in different price categories. All instruments are set up to a high professional standard. You have the advantage of a direct contact with my workshop if you are unsatisfied in any way. Prices for violins start around 1.500 €. More


A lot of people underestimate the advantage of having a good bow. You can try out a range of modern bows in different price categories.  With bow re-hairs I only use the best Mongolian or Canadian horse hair. More


There is a range of quality strings as well as further accessories, such as cases, rosin, shoulder rests etc.

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